Soul Solutions

My friend's mother used to tell her to get her head out of the clouds and get a job. Robin persisted smiling into the clouds and became, despite her family's grim predictions; an extremely happy and successful graphic artist and silversmith.  We all know someone who had the drive, like Robin, to follow their dream without support. … Continue reading Soul Solutions


Notes from Zoom Class March 23, 2020              It is a both / and world! Trust to God in the immaterial world ( always!) yet take measures to prepare yourselves in the material world-"tie your camel"! This ancient saying is particularly useful in a world filled with a barrage of survival alerts. Accepting responsibility for … Continue reading TRUST IN GOD, BUT TIE UP YOUR CAMEL!

Real People   Real Questions Real Answers

9/15/20 Q-Due to the pandemic, I have been sheltering since April and following all the guidelines for protecting myself and others. I realize these rules are random and sometimes really ridiculous. Even though I believe that, I am becomeing enraged inside myself when I am out on necessary tasks to see people blowing off even … Continue reading Real People   Real Questions Real Answers

POWER LOSS through SELF ESTEEM MAY ~ 2019 by Mary Maynard

Join me in this series of articles and no cost teleconference calls that will tune you up and tune you in to YOU. The POWERFUL YOU. Your original DNA blueprint. Articles and power transmission calls are Divinely Guided and also researched and connected to the natural world information that so many need to feel safe. These … Continue reading POWER LOSS through SELF ESTEEM MAY ~ 2019 by Mary Maynard

Are You Still Trying to Find a Solution?

By Jessica Imbrogno Several years ago, I was very “sick” and could not figure out “why.” Three surgeries later and five years of going to multiple doctor’s, through gifted practioners in energy healing, I came to the shocking realization that my physical pain, anxiety, and depression was due to underlying emotional trauma. Little did I … Continue reading Are You Still Trying to Find a Solution?