Soul Solutions

My friend's mother used to tell her to get her head out of the clouds and get a job. Robin persisted smiling into the clouds and became, despite her family's grim predictions; an extremely happy and successful graphic artist and silversmith.  We all know someone who had the drive, like Robin, to follow their dream without support. … Continue reading Soul Solutions


Notes from Zoom Class March 23, 2020              It is a both / and world! Trust to God in the immaterial world ( always!) yet take measures to prepare yourselves in the material world-"tie your camel"! This ancient saying is particularly useful in a world filled with a barrage of survival alerts. Accepting responsibility for … Continue reading TRUST IN GOD, BUT TIE UP YOUR CAMEL!

Real People   Real Questions Real Answers

9/15/20 Q-Due to the pandemic, I have been sheltering since April and following all the guidelines for protecting myself and others. I realize these rules are random and sometimes really ridiculous. Even though I believe that, I am becomeing enraged inside myself when I am out on necessary tasks to see people blowing off even … Continue reading Real People   Real Questions Real Answers