The ArchAngelic Realm

A download of introduction to the Realm, in Reverence, from Mount Shasta, June 2019

Archangel Zadkiel

It is I , Archangel Zadkiel.  I am the keeper of the violet flame. I am here to assist you in times of worry, fear, stress, and discomfort. You can call upon me and ask that I help to turn your uncomfortable feelings, with love and peace, into more positive, loving ones.
I can help where there is conflict. If you are feeling resentful or angry towards a friend, sibling, parent, or really anyone, you can call upon me and I can help to fill your heart with love, compassion, and forgiveness.  I can heal hard and painful memories of the past and fill your mind with love. 
If you are feeling lost and anxious about your future, I can comfort you and help you remember your true life’s purpose here. A purpose of love and connection to the divine creator.
If you have lost an item , a favorite toy, book, object, ask for my help.  I will guide you to where it is, with subtle, loving nudges. Just remember, I will help you find it, but sometimes it takes a bit!
I am also great at helping you remember things you forgot, like answers on a test or people’s names! Just ask for my assistance and I will provide. 
I’m violet in color and carry my healing violet flame with me. I love helping with mercy, love, compassion, memory, forgiveness, and truth. Call upon me anytime, simply ask for my help, and I will be there. 

Archangel Gabriel

It is I, Archangel Gabriel. I am the divine messenger of god. Throughout time I have carried so many messages of love, comfort, light, inspiration, creative genius, and vitally important information to people all over the world.  
Sometimes I come in dreams with messages. During quiet time, I may show up with gentle inspiration. At times my declarations are clearly heard and other times, they come as brilliant ideas or thoughts. I show up in the best possible way for you!
I love to work with all forms of communication and creativity.  If you are working on a project, writing a paper, creating art, at school or home, you can call on me for help.  I will be there to inspire you and help you find the brilliant ideas you need.  
When you find yourself in a situation where the words aren’t coming easily for you, or you are having trouble understanding a teacher, parent, friend, coach, or mentor, ask for my help and I will be there to make things more clear.
I am great at calming an overactive mind too! If you find yourself anxious or unable to focus, just reach out to me and I will help to soothe your busy mind.
I love helping with events like plays, concerts, programs, speeches, choir performances, and debates.  Music, art, writing, and poetry are some of my favorite things!! If you are creating any of these, call upon me and I will help you in expressing the beauty of your own soul.  We all have the graceful spark of divine creation in us and I can help you to access that so you  can share it with the world.  
I am divinely white and shimmery copper in color and I carry my copper trumpet with me.  I am associated with the element of water as I help thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and creations flow easily and freely like water.  From the simplest forms of communication like text messages to beautiful works of art, call upon me and I will assist you always!

Archangel Ariel

It is I Archangel Ariel, I am the lioness of god. I am the divine protector of earth. I work directly with Mother Earth to bring peace, beauty, joy, love, and pure glee to all of earths inhabitants, especially when out in nature.  
I love bridging the gap between the animal kingdom and humans.  I work as a guide in nature to help you to have friendly, respectful, and safe encounters with animals in their own domain.  If you find yourself in the woods, on the beach, in the desert, anywhere out in nature, you may encounter a wild animal.  It may bring you such glee or possibly even fear, I want you to know I am there with you during those experiences. You can call upon me to help calm your mind and heart, I will mediate the experience, keep you safe, and guide you with the skills to move respectfully and carefully in the animals space.
I love to support your adventures in the natural world! Just call on me when camping, hiking, rafting, or just playing outside and I will help you to have joyful, magical, and safe adventures!
Pets are my domain as well. If you have new pet & are learning to care for it, ask for my help.  Listen for the little voice inside of you, I will guide you on how to love and care for your new friend.  I can also help you find a lost pet or the perfect new pet for you and your family! 
Healing is one of my skills as well.  I work directly with my friend, the healing angel, Archangel Raphael.  We heal animals, people, ecosystems, and the earth herself. Call on us in times of physical or emotional stress or pain and we can bring comfort & healing loving light whenever asked. 
Another big job of mine is helping humans open up and accept all of the good things in life! I help fill your heart with joy and glee during special times! Vacations, fun experiences, gifts, holidays, happy times with friends and family, hugs and love, are a few of the places I work my magic!!
I am white with shimmery, sparkly pink all around me. I am called the lioness of god because I help people find the courage to live fully from their hearts, in nature and in their life’s.  I work with all elements of the earth and am directly connected with Mother Earth herself.  I love being of service to humans and am always here to help when asked!

Archangel Sandalphon

It is I, Archangel Sandalphon. I am the archangel of music, poetry, prayer, and spoken word. I help to strengthen your bond to the Holy Spirit, god universe.  I act as a bridge to help you communicate more clearly with the divine. If you have an important message or prayer to to give to god, call upon me and I will assist in the guidance and delivery of that message and help to make it clear. I also assist god universe in connecting directly with you.  Sometimes I deliver messages from god through musical lyrics or spoken word you hear in passing.  I also help to line up those experiences where you are in the “right place at the right time” for magical, divinely aligned, experiences to occur. 

I use musical frequencies to help to heal and uplift the frequency of humans so that it is easier to hear god and the angels, to connect with divine love and peace, and to fill your heart with joy. If you find yourself attracted to certain music,  and notice that it fills your body and heart with good feelings, you can be assured I’m there assisting you in connecting with the Holy Spirit. If you are sad, worried, or stressed, call upon me and I will guide you to the perfect song or musician to help heal your weary heart.

I also work directly with musicians and aspiring musicians. If you are learning to play an instrument, sing in a choir, or deliver a message in spoken word, call upon me, and I will guide you on your path. I will also help when you are feeling called to create music and poetry.  I will strengthen that divine bond so that you’ll have access to the full creative force provided by god universe.

 I am the tallest of angels and am a brilliant turquoise color with streaks of white sparkly rays.  My energy is very earthy as I am grounded in this realm to assist with the human to divine connection.

 Archangel Metatron

 It is I, Archangel Metatron, I am the angel of presence and life.
I am one of two angels who walked the Mother Earth as a human before I ascended to the status of an angel. My path on earth was so closely weaved with that of the divine, god universe, that I was given the great honor of archangel status.  I now serve humans in many ways and help you deepen your connection with the divine.
I use sacred geometry to help heal people. I have a special cube, a Merkaba cube,  sometimes called Metatron’s cube, that I rotate through your energetic body to help to clear and cleanse your body of lower energies or feelings of unease.  It is a gentle, simple process and requires only that you ask something like “Metatron please clear and cleanse my body and energy.”  Then relax, my healing will uplift you, fill you with joy, and help you on all levels.  
I especially love working with children,  as I myself, am quite childlike.  I love adventure, joy, and magical experiences.  By connecting with me, you will be more fully present to step into your whole, divine self.  You will feel more confident, at ease, and graceful.
I am also great at math, and I’m an excellent record keeper and organizer.  If you are needing assistance with any of these call upon me & I will be a great help.
I have a special relationship with children who have labels like ADHD, ADD, autism, anxiety, and many more, those children whose brains work just a little differently than their peers.  If you have one of these labels, I am a constant ally for you and can be of great service and comfort to you.  I can help you realize your gifts and the beauty and uniqueness you are here to share. Just call upon me, ask for my help and I will be there.  
I am brilliant green and pink in color.  I am here to help raise your energy to a more positive and loving state and I am always so excited to help!!

Archangel Michael 

It is I, Archangel Michael, I am he who is like God. 
I am one of the easiest Archangels to connect with  as I am ever present and work so closely with humans. 
I am here to help you process through and release any and all uncomfortable emotions like fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, and disappointment.  When you call upon me, I bring a brilliant, divine white light of love and peace, I surround your entire being with it. This light draws out any negativity or lower energies into it and transforms those energies back to love.
I am especially helpful in the development of courage as well.  If there is something you have been wanting to do or try,  that you are still mustering up the courage to, call upon me, I will help to give you the light and inner strength to follow you hearts desires.
I am particularly helpful with the emotion of fear.  Where fear is present it is blocking our connection to love and light.  Some fear is appropriate when you are a human. For example, you may get scared when you see a large wild animal you are unfamiliar with, fear is a natural response.  In situations like that, call upon me and I will help to guide the situation to a loving, safe conclusion and dissolve the fear. 
The fear of things that you make up or imagine in your own mind that don’t actually exist, that fear is unnecessary.  As humans, many of you have brains that are wired to do that, though.  These baseless fears create so much stress for you and I want to help you clear those fears from your mind, thoughts, emotions, and energy field.  Please ask for my assistance whenever you are in a state of fear, real or imagined, and I will help to calm your head and heart and fill your space with love.  
I am always here to protect you, keep you safe, and guide you towards your divine path in this life.
I am a brilliant white light of energy and sometimes appear with sparkly royal blue streaks.  I am large, gentle, warm, powerful, and loving.  I emanate so much love and light that it is not unusual to feel my loving presence when you call upon me.  I carry a beautiful white sword of light that I use to cut through any lower energy or negativity.  I am delighted to be of service the you, call upon me and I will instantly be with you.

Archangel Chamuel

It is I, Archangel Chamuel, I am he who sees God. I am the divine angel of love, light, peace, compassion, and kindness.
I have been helping humans on earth connect with the vibration of love and peace throughout all times.  I even worked directly with Jesus and Buddha when they walked the earth.  You can be assured that I am working with spiritual leaders all over the world, as my main mission is global peace, love, and acceptance. 
I can help you to cultivate love, compassion, and acceptance for yourself.  This is my number one way of guiding you on your path to long lasting peace for yourself and the whole world.  You are all truly unique and have beauty and light to shine forth to the world.  I will guide you to connect to that light and beauty in yourself.
I am helpful at bringing in situations, people, and experiences that will provide you long lasting peace. I do this by introducing you to the people, places, activities, and circumstances that are right for you and your unique vibrations.  
I guide you to specific hobbies that help you to quiet your mind and truly enjoy yourself.
I can help bring a special friend into your life that you feel peaceful, joyful, and loving with.  I bring in the experiences that help you feel completely free and open to express and share your authentic self. 
In times of anxiety, worry, tension, or just too much thinking, call upon me. I will help to ease all of those feelings and bring in peaceful love energy to calm your mind.  
I am great at helping you find lost items, too!  Just ask for my assistance, you can imagine the item in your mind with angel wings on it flying back you! I will help guide your object to you.  
I love working with you while your traveling as well. Just call on me and I will help to make any travel adventure flow smoothly, peacefully, and easily!
I am a beautiful, soft pink in color with bursts of sparkly white light throughout.  I work to guide you to your most peaceful, loving life in every way that is perfect to the uniqueness of you!

Archangel Jophiel

It is I, Archangel Jophiel, I am the beauty of God.  I help humans connect to the beauty and grace that resides within and throughout every bit of creation. 
I can help you to see the abundance of beauty that lives within your own being.  I help you to learn to really love and value yourself as the unique being you are.  All humans are divine creations of God, and sometimes you become separated from that fact and forget the pure magnificence of you.  It is vitally important for you to love and value yourself, it is the key to your greatest power and highest path in this life.  Call upon me when you need help learning to fully and completely love and accept yourself. I want to help you see yourself as God sees you, beautiful and divine.
I can also help you organize, clean, and beautify your space.  I love to help you create a graceful and easy flow in your environment.  Call upon me to help in these areas and together we will uplift your space and infuse it with bright, beautiful energy!
If you are seeking to create something of beauty for yourself or the world, I will be there to help.  God’s love and grace flow out through you when you create.  I am here to support that process for you.  Art and beauty come in infinite forms, with unlimited potential.  As humans, the goal is to listen to your heart when creating, the beauty flows from there.  
 I can also help you to gain clarity about what, how, and when you want to create. Even general clarity about yourself and what you love falls under my domain.  If you find yourself seeking a deeper understanding of who you really are and what brings you joy, ask for my help, I will help to bring clarity in your quest.
In the divine realms, we are not tied to the subjective judgment of beauty that humans often are.  We see the divine beauty and magic in all of creation, in every being, and I can help you to see that too!
I am a beautiful sparkly pale yellow with deep sparkly magenta streaks throughout.  I desire, so deeply, to open your eyes to the beauty, grace, and magic that is present everywhere in creation.  Call upon me and I will help to shift your perceptions.

Archangel Raguel

It is I, Archangel Raguel. I am a friend of God.  I am a bright, joyous angel who works primarily to help human relationships of all kinds. I strive to bring peace, balance, and harmony to all relationships and situations.
I am particularly helpful if you are in a disagreement or argument with someone.  You can call upon me to help bring a peaceful, fair conclusion to the discord.  
As humans, it is totally natural and normal to have situations that bring disagreements, even with those whom you love the most.  The goal of all discord is growth and learning.  You have come to grow and expand your soul to be closer to the Divine.  I can help to resolve situations peacefully and help you understand the greater lessons of these experiences.  This will help you and those involved respond from a higher place of love and learning when discord occurs again.
I love guiding you to new relationships that are loving, supportive, and fun, as well.  If you are in need of new, like minded, loving friends, call upon me, and I will have magical ways of helping you meet the right people at the right time.  
I can also help to create more love, fun, and harmony in your existing relationships.  I enjoy guiding you in all the ways that help you to build strong, supportive, and loving connections with others.
I am strongly aligned with fairness and justice as well.  I have been known to champion the underdog, and am always aligned with what is in the highest good for all.  If you find yourself supporting a cause for social justice, like housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, or helping those in poverty, I will be there every step of the way, just ask for my help!  
Im also a great advocate for our Mother Earth.  I will help with any causes directed at benefiting the health, wellness, and sustainability of our Earth.  
I am radiant ice blue in color and I bring a joyful, uplifting energy with me.  I enjoy helping you with your relationships, and social and environmental causes.
Archangel Uriel

It is I, Archangel Uriel, I am the Light of God.  I help with intelligence, brilliant ideas, understanding, forgiveness, and overall general wellness of your whole life.  I bring light to everything!

If you find yourself having trouble with your homework or a particular subject at school, ask for my help!  Sometimes my help comes as brilliant flashes of insight, which help you to immediately understand the problem you were having!  Other times, my help may come as subtle nudges, guiding you to the people or places that can help you understand the problem at hand. 

I am also great with giving you insight and creative ideas when you are working on a project.  If you are in a creative process for yourself, or a project at school, call upon me, I will help to give you those brilliant ideas that will help your project or creation flow beautifully out of you!

I love helping you learn and excel at school in all ways!  Call upon me when it is time to take a test or a quiz, I’m great at helping you remember the answers.  I like to guide you to the perfect study partners and groups that will help you with your academic growth.

When you find yourself in a misunderstanding of any kind, I love to help!  I can help you to understand the other person’s point of view and help greatly with forgiveness, compassion, and understanding.  The beautiful thing is when you ask for my help, I also illuminate the misunderstanding for them and allow them the ability to understand where you’re coming from as well!  I love helping to bring love, light, and healing to these situations!

I am also of great help with self-forgiveness.  If you are feeling guilt, shame, or you are upset at yourself over actions from the past, I can help you to release those feelings into the light.  The practice of self-forgiveness is very important for you as a human.  Humanity can be messy at times, you may say or do hurtful things.  It is truly important to love and forgive yourself through these moments, though.  You are here to learn and grow and all of these situations help you to do just that!

I am a beautiful golden color, my energy frequency is so high that you can often feel a warmth and sensation of love wash over when I am near.  I am her to help you raise your frequency on all levels, intellectually, physically,  emotionally, and spiritually.

Archangel Jeremiel

It is I, Archangel Jeremiel, I am the mercy of God.  I work primarily to help you understand and heal your emotional world.
As humans you tend to have very complex emotions and emotional responses. Sometimes you even have patterns of emotional responses, which can be hard to understand, but it can be a response to a situation that is something you tend to repeat.  For example, you might get mad at your mom because she doesn’t let you do something you want to do.  You may actually be mad because you fear missing out on something fun. So that fear/anger response may cause you to yell, then you get sent to your room. You calm down some, but the anger turns to sadness.  Then the sadness turns to loneliness.  You’re left with this very complex emotional experience that doesn’t feel good and is hard to understand.  I can be of great help here!  I can provide comfort and love during the experience, but also help you to understand how not getting what you wanted ended up with you sad and lonely.  The great thing about this is humans tend to repeat patterns but I can help you heal these patterns with illumination, insight, awareness, understanding, and love!
Emotions aren’t negative, they are tools and gifts you’ve been given to help you learn, grow, and move in the direction of your highest life.
Emotions aren’t facts, though, they are experiences to be understood and felt.
I can help you to have more of the feelings you enjoy like love, happiness, peace, hope, and joy.  I do this by helping you to understand and process through some of the more difficult emotions and emotional patterns.
My guidance is usually very subtle.  I can come in dreams, in your thoughts, sometimes repeating thoughts are me trying to get your attention. 

I am a soft deep sparkly purple color. My energy is gentle and bright.  I love helping you to emotionally grow and mature in the direction of your highest and best life!
Archangel Raphael It is I, Archangel Raphael, I am the healer of God.  My main mission is one of healing on all levels.  I help to heal emotional, physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual blocks and wounds of all kinds.  I am also helpful at healing things that aren’t specifically human, too.  I help to heal animals, plants, places, relationships, ideas, structures, thought patterns, belief systems, patterned emotional responses, and injustices. You name it, I can help heal it!
If you, a loved one, or friend are ever suffering from illness, of any kind, call on me.  I will use my healing energies to ease any discomfort, and my light will bring love and peace to all in need.  All that is ever needed is for you to ask for my help.  
There are many times when people suffer and experience pain and heartache, for themselves or others.  I am always available to help in these situations.  One does not have to have an illness to ask for my help.  I help to heal all wounds, even those that don’t appear as wounds and instead hurt our hearts, cause internal discomfort, or emotional unease.  My healing transcends all levels.  Anytime you are feeling unwell in any way, you or someone or something is suffering, call upon me.  My loving energy will help to bring everything back to the heart, to love, balance, and peace. 
I so greatly wish to help heal the planet on all levels, as well.  Mother Earth is such a unique and beautiful place of learning, growth, and love.  I call on you to ask for my help in healing Mother Earth every day.  The more people ask, the more I am able to help. Together we can  bring this special planet back to an optimal state of health. 
I am a beautiful, deep green color with streaks of sparkly gold throughout.  My energy is soothing, comforting, and full of love.  I want nothing more than to be of service to all the inhabitants of Mother Earth and to help to restore everything there to a place of love, health, peace, and balance.

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