Soul Solutions

My friend’s mother used to tell her to get her head out of the clouds and get a job. Robin persisted smiling into the clouds and became, despite her family’s grim predictions; an extremely happy and successful graphic artist and silversmith. 

We all know someone who had the drive, like Robin, to follow their dream without support. We also know those people who settled for much less, got driven into agreements that hurt or pressed by circumstance into a life that was certainly not a dream-more like being held hostage.

I had a different experience that I have found infects an incalculable number of people-including children! It is the inability to even imagine much less put together a whole Dream.

When I met my friend, Robin, she was already very successful. I was hiring her to create graphics for one of the first classes I ever taught as a holistic health practitioner. Our creative meetings were exhausting for me and I often thought, “Why can’t she just do this for me. Isn’t that what I’m paying her for?” As I leaned into the process I learned that she was doing much more than what I was “paying for”. In fact, she was discovering who I was and what I wanted to represent in my work and in turn, me. She was not only creative but wise. Robin already knew that her “just putting something together” would not satisfy a deeper need that I had for representation graphic images that were truly ME.

She supported my discovery of the colors, the images, even the weight of the paper flyers which ( back in the day ) were distributed to people as advertisement. I found one of those flyers in a folder today cleaning out an office drawer. It still delights me. This was my first experience of genuine support in exploring what my dream would be. How to vision. Image and be pleased.

I didn’t have consistent support till decades into my life. I didn’t really know what support was, what it would look like, how it would appear or who to ask. Literally, I was going on my own. All I could see were the problems. My successful day was the measure of how many problems I solved. Always for other people. I became very, very good at problems. I also became exhausted, lonely and frequently burnt out. Short vacations would rejuvenate me but I would jump right back into the pattern. I had created a disease of disconnects, separation and physically, it showed. I went through a phase of thinking the solution was in the problem: it’s about time, self love, adjusting, making do…I had a dozen definitions of the “problem”. Traditional care kept me rehearsing the same strategies I already knew. The ones that focused on solving problems. I needed new view points because the solution was not in the problem. The problem was the problem.

Your solutions are not one size fits all. You are blessedly unique and this is the core of the strategy needed to activate your brilliance in creating a new world of your imagination. I have been given a process to systematically bring you to your Soul Solution.

This is a Sacred Process. It is your God self at work in the world. I will post a teaching step in each Channel to share this process. Anyone can use this process but few can do it alone. Reach out. Find your tribe or your mentor as we play in the Universal Field of unlimited choices and strategies to bring the manifest form into your life.

I think of Robin often with great love. When I see fluffy clouds that look like horses tails I’m grateful. I had no idea at the time that her questions would lead me to this deeply appreciated work within me and within the world.

Stay tuned!

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