Quantum Community Living Proven Results 10/4/20

Hello QLC,

Yesterday 10/1/20, we had a full moon! This means that it is still 99% full. Take time to center yourself and ask what is true of your higher self and what is likely to be reactive behaviors or thinking. ūüíē

I am excited to recap the proven results portion of our meeting on Sunday for anyone not able to join!

Since June, we have collected enough data to show that 90% of people who took the wellness assessment and used recommended remedies, saw improvement in symptoms. This totals 640 points in the right direction for thee Quantum Living Community during this time frame!
We celebrate this as a total number that effects the community because it strengthens the container for others as a support

It came to light today that we have the perfect support in the form of homeopathic care, for anyone who is experiencing flu or viral symptoms. When taken together these remedies are the most effective and is recommended by NET specifically for this season and circumstances. Email me for your personal protocol!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have more questions!
The new NET link and phone number are listed below for ordering.

With Gratitude,

Meredith Maynard
Quantum Living Research 

We are not affiliated or sponsored by NET   (They just work!)                                         

NET website  Code: REM2
NET Phone number 1-800.888.4638  Code: REM2

The Quantum Community Living organization, Holistic Health Family Practice or Mary A. Maynard receive no reimbursement, affiliation or retain no financial relationship for NET product sales or use.

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