Notes from Zoom Class March 23, 2020             

It is a both / and world!

Trust to God in the immaterial world ( always!) yet take measures to prepare yourselves in the material world-“tie your camel”! This ancient saying is particularly useful in a world filled with a barrage of survival alerts.

Accepting responsibility for your life in a world rising up through chaos is what “tie up your camel” means. Balancing and sorting out information from external sources requires connecting  to the One Source. Discernment and wisdom come from a deep Faith in the process of Divine Guidance. Recognize what is your free will choice in an unsure world requires every solid source you can access for support.

We are going to go over information I have gathered from experts around the world. The Divinely Sourced Quanta team is my Guidance Group. They include the Mathematics team, the SuperConscious Representatives for planet Earth. These teams are a coalition organized by Mary Magdalene, protectress of the planet Earth and Archangel Metatron in cellular Geometry and change states of human existence.

Coronavirus what is it?

Epidemiology:  It is not only a virus. It is a 4g or even 5g frequency with variable loads depending on location of contact. Imagine a microscopic cluster or “gang” of man-made bacteria(s) and virus(s) combined with DNA SNPS. As of today, the air is filled with 4 (plus) different strains of viruses, Corona, HIV, SARS,  MERSA and various other strains that is being called “dash” -meaning a dash of whatever air quality was in the area, ie: pollutants, etc. Today, I found tuberculosis, also. The gang has a fat like coating that protects it until it melts. The inside (actual infectants)  live 5-9 days on hard surfaces, particularly metal.

The other difficult component to this challenge is the charge on the molecular structure. EMF was difficult. 5G and nuclear components up the damage potential and the possibility of correction once it lodges in the mucous membrane. Therefore PROTECTION OF MUCOUS MEMBRANE IS JOB #1,#2 AND #3.

Mode of Transmission –Currently the CDC and WHO are making guidelines based on death rates. They see the transmission trends in the disease state and the death rate tells them what to do next. I prefer to see the disease stopped before it is embedded, concentrated or in a state of autopsy. Science has not yet proven what I know to be accurate. This virus comes from the air. This I know for sure. It may be picked up on a surface, but it traveled there through the air at high elevations. It is not a person to person transmission, unless someone is actively in the first stage and then it requires body fluid contact.

How the Virus Effects the Inside of the Body:

Keeping your mucus membranes moist (gargling with salt-water, drinking lots of warm drinks, washing hands with soap and water) is a preventative measure to help prevent allowing the infection a home in the first layer of your body defense system. It will change the DNA to create it’s own environment. This is the second and third stage.

How to Prevent and Support While Virus is in the Air:

We need to support our immune and protect our DNA system.

Pretend we are trying to protect ourselves from a “mud rain” wear protective clothing; boots, hat, coat, gloves, mask (95 % filtration rate) and eye wear.  Take everything off before you go into your home.  Leave in the garage.  Wipe everything down if you must travel to get groceries.  (Seventh Generation Wipes) leave in car and wipe down car door handle, steering wheel, and anything you may touch (floor from grocery bags) once inside.  Wash any exposed areas of body with soap and water.  Gargle with salt water (while singing So, Do, La Fa Mi Do Re) or a peroxide mouth rinse after exposure to being outside.  Wash clothes immediately.  Also brush all areas of your mouth with toothbrush and tongue scrapper.  (teeth, under teeth, sides of mouth, roof of mouth and cheek area)   If you have a retainer, to put that in a salt water or use peroxide to clean it. 

Epson Salt Dip:  after washing hands, place hands/nails in Epson salt and allow the salt to get under your nails. Then rinse off again.

Mary also recommended limited exposer to “lights or anything electrical.”  Loop any electrical cords in your home so we are not receiving that “energy”. Add as much EMF protection-as much as you can afford.

How to Keep Your Microbiome Strong:

Hydrochloride Acid tablets

Organic Digestive Enzymes

Adrenal Replacement/Support

Homeopathic Remedy:  Less dense strategy to support your energy pattern system. 

Gene Stress Relief:

Homepathy Remedy Store – to purchase Nuclear Balance – take one pellet a day

Vitamins to Consider:

Vitamin A 1000 IU

Vitamin D 2000 MG

Multivitamin ( I prefer Biotics )

Lean, organic Proteins




NAC supplement

Vit C – 6 grams

No alcohol, limited junk food, increased veggies (well washed) power soups (see website)

**Per Mary:  If you start to feel sick, contact her immediately before your symptoms get out of control. Not one of her clients have had to be hospitalized.


We are part of a predictable world changing event. We knew this would happen. We just didn’t know exactly how it would roll out. I expect Fall of 2020 to be a possibility. The fires in California are heating up the atmosphere and creating a “fire flu” already. Stay fit, stay alert for self-care and care for others. Check in for any symptom lasting more than 24 hours.

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