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Q-Due to the pandemic, I have been sheltering since April and following all the guidelines for protecting myself and others. I realize these rules are random and sometimes really ridiculous. Even though I believe that, I am becomeing enraged inside myself when I am out on necessary tasks to see people blowing off even the most simple guidelines. I don’t want to be hateful, either outwardly or inside myself. What can I do?

A-Nothing. There is nothing you can do. This is a longstanding issue for you and many people.The need to create order as a means of survival is very deep in the human psyche. It is so deep that it has become it’s own “thing”-meaning it has so much belief and energy that people have elevated ORDER to be the thing that will ensure their survival. This is, of course, a delusion. Neither scientists or metaphysical teachers would say that even if everyone followed any one or all of the protective rules ( masks, distance, handwashing, etc ) that the pandemic would end or that individual would not contract the virus. The terror this brings up in people are for those, like yourself, who have come to trust order as the method of controlling CHAOS.

Chaos is the real terrorizing factor here and the realization that you are powerless over others behaviors, beliefs and attitudes. So when you see someone not following the rules, your survival “training” kicks in and you are deeply threatened. Remember, it is your survival training, not your survival instinct, therefore you have choices.

Your best strategy for coming out of this dilemma is recognizing the powerlessness. This is something you have real control over if you choose to own it and wrestle it to the ground. You may even be willing to consider that you are addicted to control. If yes, this is a great place to start. Click on this article by Terminally Forgetful, regarding powerlesssness.that will help get you started in retraining your survival skills. Retraining is the first step in epigenetics to correct DNA. This will help all of us!

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