Emotional Erosion

When I first saw the images of Rose-Lymm Fischer’s molecular photography of tears, I was researching the effects of heavy metals on human body fluids.

The beauty and unique pattern of the tears, captured and frozen, awoke a deep visceral response in my heart. My mind was fascinated on how each tear pattern could be neatly correlated to an identifiable emotional state.

What if every emotion is written, just as those tears, in our very tissue? What if a microscopic view of my liver molecules would show a pattern of indecision or terror?

What if the pattern of tears like the patterns of rainfall creates rivulets, valleys and eventually a Grand Canyon from  grief? Worse yet, a dry bed  filled with the dust of dreams unfulfilled.

The landscape of our tears is a map of our spent energy. I will think of those patterns and spend that energy well. I will create soft beds with seasonal rejuvenation and regeneration. Each season will bring it’s pattern and message. Just like those tears, we are a shifting map of the emotions we create and allow. I wish you tears of change, timeless reunion and joyful hope.

tears of change tear change

tears of timeless reunion tear timeless reunion

tears of possibility and hope tear possibilily and hope

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