-Do you have the habit of how much good you will allow yourself?

Your personality style will give you clues to what you cannot have in your life.
This habit creates SET POINTS for money , love, finance, job, career, relationships, nurturing, support, calendar ease, peace, joy, health-essentially everything that you would love to create in your life is determined by a set point.
Which are your top two set points that disturb your creations. Another way of languaging that is, “Where are you stuck in survival behaviors?”

If you are unsure of your set points, look at your life. What do you not have enough of? Where are you still fearful? Results do not lie.
Still unsure?
After this class take an honest look at your checkbook and your calendar.
Where you spend your time and money will tell you where you are committed and where you are losing power.
Habit of Condition based thinking.

Are you defined by your circumstances and events?

Do you have a vision? Are you drawn or driven?

The Power that wakes you up in the morning is the same Power that awakens the dreamer in you. Your desire for change comes from your Source. Your Soul.

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