Rock, Paper, Scissors ~ Class II

What is on the other side of the Terror Barrier?
What is on the other side is all this: What i would love. What i used to love. Broken dreams. Dreams unfulfilled. Projected dreams onto others. Wishes. Longing.


channel doubts
Make a date with doubt. Have tea with terror.

Your mindset is personality. Awareness is spiritual / soul

channel crisis opportunity
ACT as if there were no alternative. If your choice is optional it will stay optional.
DO NOT know HOW it will work out. That is the Universe’s job. Your part of the deal is to be ready and willing.
Be ALL IN. This programs your cellular structure to create rather than defend. High investment. Low attachment.
Be willing to do it afraid. Take massive imperfect action.
Cancel expectations. Expectations are disappointments waiting to happen. Develop expectancy.
Small hinges move big doors. Small, even infinitesimal repeated changes shift the energy more than one big deal.
Break down or breakthrough takes the same amount of energy.
I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking and the problems dissolve.

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