Rock, Paper Scissors, Shoot!

Much of life feels like it is a game where we can’t find the rulebook. Rock, Paper, Scissors is likely the easiest game on the planet to earn and understand and yet also the most unpredictable method of solving disputes. A lot like life unpredictable.

Life is expanding. Always. Seeking new ways to create and be love. As life expands in you, the myriad decisions start to unroll and call out for resolution. Which path you take is based on how well you know where you want to go. Not know where you want to go will allow the default choices of your ancestors to drag you into patterns and places of habit and what has been safety.

Many of us were raised without any real goal except the concrete experiences of survival-money, shelter, a mate, a job. Safety was the goal.

Recall that we are using this idea of three differing elemental personality types as a starting point to moving through these survival ways of coping and upgrading to manifesting from a place of creation. Creation is based in planning rather than random choices that come and go. Randomized choices are based in choosing from the current facts and conditions that are around you. This is a reactive strategy that screams “SURVIVAL”. Common thoughts are “How am I going to get through this?”, “I just want all of this to be done with.”

Exploring where you have clustered your previous strategies (Rock, paper, scissors)  remove many layers of habit. These habits are keeping  your creation processes from even getting started, much less rocketing!

Rocks love a little pressure. Who want to live in pressure?  No one who has a dream of ease and wealth.

Scissors thrive on organizing. Who wants to be stuck keeping everything together? No one who sees themselves free of burdens and lighting up the world with ideas.

Paper likes stability. Who wants to be constantly trying to keep everyone on board? No one who savors the success of personal achievement and dreams fulfilled.

When the elements are in balance and life is moving pretty smoothly, it may be just okay. What does “just okay” cost you? Life is expanding. A new life cannot be created from an old level of awareness. See the old pattern. See it and put a stake in the sand to eliminate patterns of survival that just keep getting the same results.

When Life is expanding you can trust that circumstances and events to get rough to the point of chaos. How each elemental personality responds depends on where the pressure points are hitting. You may respond differently to stress in intimate relationships rather than work.


Don’t get attached to defining how you have been. When life expands and your Soul wakes up-everyone is invited to become more flexible. Release the elemental survival habits of rock, paper, scissors that have worked pretty well. Get out of the game and take control of what is your birthright.


Unsure what elemental group you are starting from in this metaphor?

Here’s a clever quiz . 

Join me next Tuesday 4/13/20 AND SEE WHERE YOUR PATTERNS CREATE TERROR BARRIERS to change.

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