There is Still Time

The year 2019 I invested in my own life experience by mentoring with several wonderful guides. Not just my metaphysical guides, Christ Magdalene, but real people who created with me a network of support. The gift of deeply exploring, “What would I love?”, led me to many places I never knew existed within me-or anywhere actually!

I confronted fears of outshining others, perhaps not deserving, thinking that “it” just wasn’t possible and many past life experiences of being abandoned, deserted, sacrificed and just generally roughed up in this Earth Life School.

The belief system of really being safely and wholly alive while enjoying a life with all the Blessings I had at my fingertips, did not exist and had to die.

What would I love to do, be , give and have with my life energy seemed crazily overwhelming with the changes I thought it would take.

What could I do differently than what was already taking every ounce of energy and smidge of time? I couldn’t see anything other than what I knew. Hard work, effort, going with the flow and just catching what I could in the way of fun, joy or even relaxation.

Previous to this year, I slogged along working hard to create the best I could in myself and what I offered. I had always ( up until now! ) looked for the key to a better way. This led to wonderful discoveries in the field of DNA research in genomic keys which I have shared for decades with great satisfaction. The researcher in me was satisfied. There wasn’t much impact on my sense of self, my “AHA” for my own life evolution. I was working harder; not better.

This year I have created massive changes in my life and lifestyle. In love, I share with all of you who have held hands with me along the way. The concept I used is to eliminate the idea that I could unlock the “doors’ to my good came from the places in me that were strong, solid, even brilliant at times.

That created a nice life but not a GREAT life. I have made the shift to my least powerful, more fragile, terrorized selves for change.  The places where the doors were tightly shut and survival seemed to rely on KEEPING THEM SHUT! Believe me. As stubborn as I am, no key was going to open those doors. Here’s the strategy I used. First, change the belief system from keys to what was holding the doors in place.

“Small hinges move big doors.”

Meditate on the picture above for a minute. Notice the hinges, not the doors. Imagine tapping gently and relentlessly on the bolt that drives through the center of the hinge. Small consistent effort is the true power that will bring down any barrier. I will be working with you on finding how to unhinge your corrupted systems (!) and see beyond the doors to, “What would I love?” throughout 2020.


What’s feeding on your power? Money, love, finances, politics, the environment, loneliness, health, other peoples issues? They are all doors of thought. You will not deconstruct them easily as they are tied into the ancestral, family, tribe, clan, habits, lifetimes, etc. You can change your current life experiences through the DNA reformation BUT you will run into the next door as soon as your power shifts.


Hold my hand and let’s explore beyond the terror barrier doors…


2 thoughts on “There is Still Time

  1. Such a perfect question to ask myself – what is it that I would love?
    The doors of my mind and heart began opening like a floodgate.
    What boundless limitless vast possibilities await.. just by one simple question. Hmmmm …
    The New Living Translation of Matthew 7:7 is “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.”
    Thank you for this wonderful question to take with me into 2020.
    I can start by saying yes to taking your hand with courage in my heart.


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