Defense Against the Invisible

I apologize that the title of the article sounds a bit like a Harry Potter chapter. As I was playing with the words to sound less dramatic, I realized that the reason for writing this article actually was dramatic.

The rise in my practice of ElectroMagneticFrequency related illnesses and complications is my concern.

My increasing awareness of clients experiencing “usual” problems that were resistant to the usual “easy” treatment or becoming so recurrent, they needed to be considered chronic, began to keep me awake at night.  Something was wanting to become clear to me and creating a deep disturbance.

Examples I meditated on were simple viruses or bacteria in toddlers that just wouldn’t stay corrected. Recurrent vaginal infections that showed up each month in a cycle. Liver complaints creating constipation that could not be budged. Weird allergies combining fungus and leaves added to a nasty layer of inflammation “from nowhere”. Swelling in odd places where no injury of holding pattern could be identified. The list is much longer than this, including severe unwarranted suicidal depression.

It was seeing a toddler playing with Mom’s phone during their appointment in the office that woke me up to what I already knew in some part of my brain. Certainly I was aware of the common understandings of the threat of EMF, microwaves, cell phones; all the usual suspects. I have worn an EMF protector for decades and considered myself fairly educated about the dangers. I just didn’t understand the implications.  I started my search.

This is a complicated topic and I will work to be simple and clear. The body has a recognition system that identifies good cells / bad cells. That system alerts the next system to eliminate the bad cells and support the good ones.

EMF “coats” the bad cells so they cannot be recognized.

EMF disturbs the good cells so that they mutate-go bad.

EMF creates charges on intruding cells, like virus, bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites and worms creating a new intruder that the body doesn’t recognize. Without recognition there is no elimination.

Several things happen then that the body has no DNA pattern for managing: the cells go dead and gather in the organs with no where to be eliminated and / or the immune system goes into overdrive killing cells somewhat randomly-an autoimmune disease is born with inflammation of no known source.

I say the source is EMF.

Not much in the way of scientific research has been spent on this. It is difficult to measure ( invisible ) and eliminating it goes against every system in our culture. People who demand a higher width band so that the technology they are using works “faster” and can load high graphics-like games. More satellites in our skies to sell communications systems for streaming. It is political, financial and culturally wise to welcome 5G to your neighborhood. It will sicken you and eventually kill you, but it will keep the economy brisk and the movie channels busy.

No one will ask if you would like 5G technology. It will just arrive. You may not think many people would chose this. You are wrong. But you CAN be a point of Light in the dark for those who chose wrongly, because they are not informed.

So. As sad as I feel about the truth of it, I feel justified in using the more dramatic words of this title in the hopes that individuals might read it and join together for the betterment of this situation. Start with your local politician and say no to 5G technology. Click on some of the links below to become informed with others experiences. Get educated. Protect you and yours.


Below is general info from Wikipedia that might interest you.

The types of electromagnetic radiation are broadly classified into the following classes (regions, bands or types):[5]

  1. Gamma radiation
  2. X-ray radiation
  3. Ultraviolet radiation
  4. Visible radiation
  5. Infrared radiation
  6. Terahertz radiation
  7. Microwave radiation
  8. Radio waves

This classification goes in the increasing order of wavelength, which is characteristic of the type of radiation.[5]

There are no precisely defined boundaries between the bands of the electromagnetic spectrum; rather they fade into each other like the bands in a rainbow (which is the sub-spectrum of visible light). Radiation of each frequency and wavelength (or in each band) has a mix of properties of the two regions of the spectrum that bound it. For example, red light resembles infrared radiation in that it can excite and add energy to some chemical bonds and indeed must do so to power the chemical mechanisms responsible for photosynthesis and the working of the visual system.

The distinction between X-rays and gamma rays is partly based on sources: the photons generated from nuclear decay or other nuclear and subnuclear/particle process are always termed gamma rays, whereas X-rays are generated by electronic transitions involving highly energetic inner atomic electrons.[12][13][14] In general, nuclear transitions are much more energetic than electronic transitions, so gamma-rays are more energetic than X-rays, but exceptions exist. By analogy to electronic transitions, muonic atom transitions are also said to produce X-rays, even though their energy may exceed 6 megaelectronvolts (0.96 pJ),[15] whereas there are many (77 known to be less than 10 keV (1.6 fJ)) low-energy nuclear transitions (e.g., the 7.6 eV (1.22 aJ) nuclear transition of thorium-229), and, despite being one million-fold less energetic than some muonic X-rays, the emitted photons are still called gamma rays due to their nuclear origin.[16]

The convention that EM radiation that is known to come from the nucleus, is always called “gamma ray” radiation is the only convention that is universally respected, however. Many astronomical gamma ray sources (such as gamma ray bursts) are known to be too energetic (in both intensity and wavelength) to be of nuclear origin. Quite often, in high energy physics and in medical radiotherapy, very high energy EMR (in the >10 MeV region)—which is of higher energy than any nuclear gamma ray—is not called X-ray or gamma-ray, but instead by the generic term of “high energy photons.”

The region of the spectrum where a particular observed electromagnetic radiation falls, is reference frame-dependent (due to the Doppler shift for light), so EM radiation that one observer would say is in one region of the spectrum could appear to an observer moving at a substantial fraction of the speed of light with respect to the first to be in another part of the spectrum. For example, consider the cosmic microwave background. It was produced when matter and radiation decoupled, by the de-excitation of hydrogen atoms to the ground state. These photons were from Lyman series transitions, putting them in the ultraviolet (UV) part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now this radiation has undergone enough cosmological red shift to put it into the microwave region of the spectrum for observers moving slowly (compared to the speed of light) with respect to the cosmos.

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