Physical Pain

The human body is a layer cake of energy bodies resulting in the physical matter that we call “our body”.

The key to managing, eliminating or correcting the original circumstance causing the pain is based in the non-physical bodies. Am I suggesting you bypass anesthsia? No.

What I am bringing to your thought pattern and belief system is an awareness of the power potentials of pain corrections that existed in ancient cultures, current energetic strategies and opportunities that allopathic medicine have tossed aside as non added value.

I will not try to write a comprehensive article on all of the possibilities. There are libraries filled with books from complex to self help. What I intend here is to screen the low frequency articles out and give you some really solid openings to access help for you or someone you love. Links at the end of the article.

Einstein created the theory and mathematical structure that gave us the proof that energy precedes matter. So what? What this theory allowed is exploration into methods best used to correct or manage physical pain that are Non Physical strategies.

The bodies function optimally when we observe the Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Nature. When we divert from the Natural world laws: breathing polluted air, eating unnatural food, drinking chemical-laden water, relying of medication, smoking, drinking, using inorganic body and household products, embracing electromagnetic pollution and even thinking negative thoughts, energy imbalances result within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, creating damage which is often the source of the pain.

That’s OPTIMAL! Do I believe it’s possible? NO. You are living on planet Earth and impacted by energies beyond our ability to even quantify. What is possible is a personal inventory and environmental inventory that allows you to screen your risks, reduce the impact of the space around you and manage the aspects of  the cliché; “It is what it is.” , beyond what you allow.


Pain is our body’s method of signaling that the imbalance has gone past it’s ability to correct without external support.

Treating pain with medication is our cultures “go to” first step. This often dismisses better choices. Often, we’re just temporarily suppressing the symptoms by treating the pain. We’re not addressing the root cause of the energy imbalance. The medication causes further imbalances creating a disconnect with the communication system the body is using to give you the information needed to find the cause. Using medication with a great deal of consciousness is fine. Using medication as an end game will create disease.

When pain last more than six months it is considered to be chronic-not acute. Anyone with pain will argue that the level of pain can increase with chronicity and that the name change doesn’t help at all. Over time, stronger medication is administered and the vicious cycle escalates. Staying conscious is the first step in reaching the goal of understanding the pain and creating a release of the blocked energy pathway.

Honor the role that pain plays in the process. What is it signaling? Physical dis-ease, emotional pain bodies, energetic DNA entanglements? The list is limitless. Don’t get discouraged by this-get an expert. A real expert. Someone who can hear you and walk you through the maze of options or worse yet break the wall open when it seems there are no options. Use your intuition and choose a link that looks hopeful to you:






MEDICAL INTUITIVE   This is my website. If you find you are lost to the pain and cannot find a way out-call me. I will not charge you for helping you find the best resource. It may be me, it may be others. I refer out to other practitioners 60-70% of the time.

Meanwhile, anyone who accesses this article will be placed in my prayers. Pain is debilitation over time and we need you up and running!

Be Well, Be Blessed, Mary A. Maynard, BSN, RN, APP


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