POWER LOSS through SELF ESTEEM MAY ~ 2019 by Mary Maynard

Join me in this series of articles and no cost teleconference calls that will tune you up and tune you in to YOU. The POWERFUL YOU. Your original DNA blueprint.

Articles and power transmission calls are Divinely Guided and also researched and connected to the natural world information that so many need to feel safe.

These will be released monthly to allow processing and time to incorporate the download from the previous monthly teleconferences. Start to notice how the incremental small changes snowball into transformation you never thought possible!

Power Loss is an ongoing topic that is addressed monthly from different aspects. Click here for a recorded mp3 of the monthly downloaded meditations and dates for future transmission calls.

-this month focus is power loss through self-esteem

The most devastating injury to self esteem is humiliation. Humiliation is a threat every human experiences at some point in their lifetime. Many live it daily. Some have it loaded into their ancestral DNA. Some inherit it through the family, tribe or clan experiences of this lifetime. Everyone is exposed to humiliation through the collective conscious and unconscious. Often it arrives through circumstances and events outside our management. Sometime people invite it into their life regularly without any awareness that the pain and power loss they feel is by their own actions. Deep studies that have been replicated ( repeatedly found accurate ) show that physical pain is highly preferred by the majority of humans to the psychic, emotional, energetic injury of humiliation.

Humiliation is a genuine threat that triggers the nervous system to send out alerts to all of the bodies: physical, mental, emotional, psychological, energetic and psychic bodies.

Watching animals being humiliated is a real window to human experiences. Animals have fewer methods of hiding their responses to humiliation and cleanly demonstrate either aggression or submission to the attack. Humans have the same options for responding to humiliation but, of course, have an unlimited level of choices on how to be aggressive or submissive.

There are two other opportunities that many humans ( probably you, since you are reading this! ) choose instead of submission or aggression. Transcending and preventing humiliation are the other choices.

Humiliation occurs at many different levels and changes as the culture shifts and as the individual develops and matures.  National humiliation is what many people are currently reporting depending on their political choices. Group humiliation is well documented in minority groups, women, gender, religious and even hair color! There was a time when red haired people were considered demonic.

Personal, individual humiliation is as complex as humanity itself. Succinctly put it is any behavior ( including non-behavior such as ignoring, withdrawal and abandonment ) that damages basic human dignity. These behaviors are decided by patterns and expectations in that culture.

How to prevent and / or transcend ( get over it ) humiliation power leaks.

First: Identify where your humiliation or power leak “lives” in your mind, your heart or your story of your life. You must find your power leak before you can correct it. Awareness is number one. There are unlimited methods for this.

Second: Notice what humiliation has created in your personality or those of your friends-you probably are more like them than you know! A person who suffers from severe humiliation often demonstrates depression, anxiety, phobias, PTSD or any number of what the culture calls psychological symptoms. I prefer to see these as survival responses. The psychological body is better at being in charge of using effective thinking than being in charge of the physical drives of survival. Where are you taking power from others or resenting the power others seem to have?

Third: Notice what events or circumstance in your life that have created the loss of status in your nationality, community, family, work life or even your social media status. These are all platforms for humiliation. Politics is opening up wounds of humiliation in our nation that have never been clearly addressed in our culture. Include what groups, minorities or labels you or others attach to yourself. Include gender, age, size, appearance, nationality, religion, or difference in ability.

Fourth: Examine what behaviors patterns you have in your life that cause you to crave revenge on others or self harm which can include any addiction or continued choices that result in consequences you don’t want. What long running scripts ( thoughts you think over and over ) in your life create worthless, hopeless, helpless patterns of thought or choices? What percent of the pattern is yours?

Spend this month noticing what you notice. Keep track of the long running scripts your mind throws at you. Journal the above points and begin practicing the transcending skill  #1 of forgiving yourself .

Next month a point by point guide to humiliation prevention!







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