There are so many ways we potentially lose energy in our very busy lives. We live in a world that sometimes feels it threatens our very existence. Jobs become more tiring and less rewarding. Demands pile up. Decisions become overwhelming. Relationships take effort and often suffer from lack of attention. Patterns you have learned throughout this life, or other lives, can create situations that just don’t satisfy. How much of what you see in the mirror is the real YOU? Do you know anymore what is your original blueprint?

Research supports that stress or losing power in your life shuts down your health, relationships and even your ability to make decisions.

How do you claim your POWER?

Make the connections of thought you need to recognize, reduce and eliminate the unseen or known threats in your life.

  • Eliminate the secret causes that twist your thoughts into limitations and fear.
  • Pinpoint the traps that repeatedly end up in patterns of frustration, depression and anxiety.
  • Diagnose where you lose energy and create a prescription for correcting that imbalance.
  • Understand where your self-esteem and self-care have been sabotaged
  • Imagine and realize an experience of support and guidance that adds to your power, rather than subtracts.
  • Enjoy new strategies that recognize and stop your power leaks.
  • Identify AND CORRECT the traps that pull you down and cause you to lose the very power you need to create change.

Join me in this series of articles and no cost teleconference calls that will tune you up and tune you in to the role we all need you to assume. YOU. The POWERFUL YOU.

Articles will be released through The Channel publication monthly. This will give you time to incorporate the download from the monthly teleconferences and also make the incremental changes that snowball into the changes you never thought possible!

Physics supports you. The law of physics says that the a small change can move you out of your inertia ( lack of movement ) more easily and rapidly than a large change. It is proven that a repeated small change will create more of your intended goal than an uneven attempt at a change that takes a lot of energy. You may not trust yourself anymore. You may not trust change. You may not even trust the Source of energy that breathes life into you…but you have to trust physics. Because, like gravity, it works whether you trust it or not.

Click on the following link for dates and info for the free energy attunements.http://www.maryamaynard.com/Energy-Attunements.html


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