“I feel out of control. I can’t get up in the morning and I can’t sleep through the night. I don’t want to talk to anyone but I don’t want to be alone. I’m sad but I can’t cry. I’m a mess.”

Please know that you are experiencing deep biological changes that are complex. The solutions are equally complex. I will try to outline a clear pathway.

Four factors are contributing to this shift:

  • Female hormones
  • Seasonal changes in light
  • Fear of changes in your child’s lifestyle and habits
  • Fear of your mother dying similarly to your grandmother, who was quite like a mother to you.

Given the complexity there are multiple places to start making positive shifts. Start with the most measurable-your female hormones and cortisol levels which can reflect depression and need for supplements. You can go several directions on helping your body improve the status ( I mentioned it was complex, right? )

  1. If you have insurance and prefer western medicine, start with a trusted referral to an internal medicine doctor. After lab work they may well suggest antidepressants. Consider this carefully and ask questions. Google antidepressants and you will have a good list of those questions.
  2. If you are well resourced, consider a complementary care strategy, which would include any number of wonderful ways of helping your body adjust. See Centered Wellness, http://www.centeredwellness.org/Our-Affiliates.html,  for multiple approach’s and practitioner’s, many who can suggest appropriate supplements as an alternative to medications.
  3. If you choose complementary care, any one of these practitioners will address the emotional, psychological and energetic issues of trauma and fear of trauma in the future. This is a natural part of holistic care. Expect this and ask if the practitioner is comfortable and qualified. It’s not only okay to ask this, any skilled practitioner will welcome a chance to discuss your needs. You need to find a good fit for you personality as a priority.
  4. If you choose western medicine you may find an internal medicine doctor willing to counsel your needs. Mostly, they will refer you to a counselor. Again, ask people you trust who they like. Seven out of ten people in the US are seeing / have seen a counselor. You must know some of them. If you don’t like the first one, try another. It’s worth exploring.

Most importantly, congratulate yourself on reaching out-even anonymously! Many people just downgrade and spend their precious life grinding away at pretending or isolating themselves. You deprive yourself and the world of all the wonderful gifts you have brought with you to share. You don’t feel it now, but the Light I see around you is fantastic and huge. The blot of gray that is challenging your body right now is only 1/10 of who you are.

Please don’t throw out the 90% because the 10% is in real need.  Feel the loving arms of Christ surround you-you don’t need to believe in that-it will support you when you are most in need. Stay in touch and know you are here on this planet for an important role you have yet to play.

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