“I have been experiencing pain in my left knee, hip, and shoulder. I have gotten as far as feeling that this is a trust issue that originated from my mother, even to visualizing an incident that took place where I was possibly physically abused by a care giver as a young child, around 3 years old.”

Real People Real Questions Real Answers

As a Sensitive you have access to more information than you are able to process without  a person who is skilled in following your ability to see and know. You may not know you are a Sensitive. That is different than being sensitive, although they often go together. A Sensitive is in the category of  what is called intuitive skills of knowing, feeling, sensing, hearing, or seeing. There are more intuitive ways but those are the most common. You are accurate in your perception of what “happened” to you. It is really slippery in terms of who, when or what exactly occurred. This is common in the highly gifted “seeing” range. It’s rather like this: ” I know I saw this movie but I’m not sure of the actors names or when I saw it.”  This is due to what I call time jumping. This is not a formal word. It’s what I see when the question pulls up several “movies” in the person’s field at the same time. Like they run together. Given that, I would be no more clear than you on time, place and person. What is important is knowing and correcting time jumping. It causes great confusion in the body systems and memory gets faulty and even creating panic or delusional ( not psychiatric ) but unclear or unreal beliefs. I know some people who are great at helping Sensitives sort out and order the perceptions so that they are in the time line that is close to the situation and can only then release the symptoms in the body. I hope I explained this well. It is deep and complex to discuss but relatively easy to correct. Jessica Imbrogno, Stacy Newman and Betsy Muller are all skilled in this area. Access their info from CenteredWellness.org. Please know that you have a great gift and it can be supported and strengthened to be helpful to you rather than blurry and causing symptoms in your body with pain.

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