Back to Basics

By Mary Maynard

September is a stressful transitional time period for everyone. It was driven home to me this past week as I had the privilege of teaching coping skills to a committed group of preschool teachers returning to a demanding work setting. Meticulous teachers that they are, they requested a synopsis of the points we discussed. Are you also facing some changes? Feeling a little disorganized with stress? Will this transition time bring more burdens or Blessings? Go back to basics with us!


Check out your body. That sounds obvious but let’s be honest-sometimes we get so busy we lose track of self care and sometimes demands of life cause us to even lose track of our feelings. So…

#1 Take inventory

  • Weight gain or loss of 10 pounds more or less in the past year?
  • Do you dance, sing, play or create art and have times where you feel joyful? More than once a month?
  • If you’re depressed, more sad than happy. more angry than laid back, let yourself know it and find the right person to talk to about finding a way out.
  • Are your relationships in balance? Are you giving more than receiving?
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get mineral supplements. Our food is depleted ( due to many factors ) particularly for magnesium and zinc.

Strategies for management of above life stressors that we discussed for the workplace are very basic. Make sure that you check with a health care advisor if any of the above circumstances are longstanding or if you may have allergies to tea suggestions.

#2 Set your Intention / Attention

We discussed in detail how to manifest. The physics of intention and attention are the drivers to keep you on track. We used my favorite phrase, “I’m so happy and grateful that it all worked out…!”  We projected that image and added the emotion of,  “What would I love?” into January 4, 2018.  Write out at least three outcomes you see being your truth for that date and then pay attention to living each day as it it were already in your life as a reality. It’s physics and it works whether you believe it or not. Stay focused especially as it gets difficult. Here’s the link to see a video on the physics of this concept.

#3 Relationships

  • Be kind. You have no idea what the other person is carrying in their heart.
  • Watch your responses to people in need. We labeled the responses you might use as “skilled” and “unskilled”. Eliminate these unskilled responses: “I know just how you feel.” ” That happened to me to.” “You can handle it.” “Suck it up, buttercup!”
  • Skilled responses: “Can I help?” “I’m here for you.” “Do you know what would help?

#4 Pain, Mood Swings, Exhaustion

We discussed various tea blends that help with non-clinical mood swings caused by the usual circumstances that stress us out: children, life traumas and plain old fashioned over work.

  • Chamomile tea and essential oil to calm premenstrual weepiness, Earl Gray tea for premenstrual agitation. Rose Hydrosol for calming.
  • If you are in pain, look for solutions that are other than drug based. It is good for the short term, but a trap for a long term fix.
  • Zen Evo chocolate squares-great for energy and adaptogenic stress response ( cleans up the free radicals and satisfies a sweet crave without high carbs. Purchase on line.

Change in itself can be stressful. Yes. Change that you initiate will increase your personal power and strengthen your sense of authority. You are the author of your life. Take charge of the change.

“It is what it is AND what I allow.”



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