How much does Astrology really effect a person? It doesn’t make sense to me and my wife keeps saying, “You’re such a Taurus.” She’ll listen to your answer.

Real People,Real Questions,Real Answers

I’m not certain which of us has more courage, you or I. You for asking the question and me for clearly stepping into an ongoing battle between and Taurus and a Virgo!

Both of these signs are fixed and cardinal. Neither are made for flexibility and both have  a strong need to choose being right over being happy. Now that I’ve stepped my foot in it, please know I am not an astrologer. I know only what is given to me on an intuitive level. What I can tell you through the indications in your energy field is that being labeled anything bothers you a lot. Being labeled by your wife-who you clearly love- is intolerable.

The question might be better asked “How can I stop my wife from labeling behavior she doesn’t like in me and instead just lovingly tell me what she wants?”

I can add to your information base about the effects of the planets on the physiology of humans. Think of the moon and how the gravitational pull creates such a change in the fluids of your body.  Astrology is the study of these effects as the basis for the creation of  predictable behaviors that have been recorded from ancient times. Two very astute, accurate astrologers ( deeply intuitive ) are Randy Keller  and Christopher Witecki

Please step out of the tug of war with your wife and use your deep love to speak to your truth without a need to be right. Do not call her a Virgo if she refuses to bend!  Be patient. All Blessings to you both.

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