Don’t Wash Your Face!-Cleanse it.

by Chrystyna Prouschka, Master Aromatherapist

Inner Radiance Clay Mask

White Kaolin clay, French green clay, Sandalwood powder, Hawaiian sandalwood powder essential oil, frankincense essential oil ( organic ).


Scoop 2 tablespoons of clay into a small ramekin dish.

Moisten with 1 teaspoon or so with water, yogurt of honey, Mix into a nice paste and apply to your damp skin. Using gentle circular motions, scrub facial areas.

You will feel the exfoliating sensation from the precious sandalwood powder.

Rinse off with warm water with the mask reaches the “beginning to dry phase” it will start to change color as it dries, but is still a bit sticky to touch.

Apply your choice of hydrosol and facial serum after rinsing skin.

Cleanse with clay once a week. If you are interested in where to purchase these ingredients already combined for you, contact Chrystyna.  She will create the perfect combination for your skin type at less than what the chemical laden products cost!

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