Animal Spirit Guides

by Becky Maynard

Have you ever wondered why you feel drawn to an animal, insect or place? Are there times in your life when you seem to encounter the same animal or insect, repeatedly? Is there a type of place that leaves you feeling at peace, energized and whole?

The universe sends messages and spiritual nourishment through many ways, but most often through Spirit Guides. These Spirit Guides are animals, insects or other place-entities who can lend strength and inspiration in times of difficulty or stress. They can provide insight into your gifts and talents, furthering your ability to grow and sustain an enriched life.

As you look through the pictures, find those that appeal to you on an elemental and emotional level. Choose your Guides by the way you feel when surrounded by Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Stone and Wood. You might be drawn to places that have open meadows, lakes or oceans, mountains and forests, all of which are surrounded by air but have qualities that are increased by their setting.

You can find your Guide by recognizing when you are visited repetitively by an earth-bound animal, bird or insect. These are the elemental forces that play a powerful role in soothing and uplifting your soul. Each Being and Element rules or guides certain universal qualities and properties.

Surrounding yourself with their qualities helps you balance your physical and spiritual body. Then, think about that animal and how you relate to the qualities they represent. Each place, animal, bird, and insect has a gift and they wish to pass that gift along to you.

All artwork is original and limited to purchase through Striped Owl Art. When you purchase an electronic print, you may use it in many ways: computer wallpaper, a simple print for your meditative purposes or even in a scrapbook. A store that specializes in photo printing (Staples, Kinko’s, etc.) can produce a very nice quality print for you that would be suitable for framing. If you wish to print yourself,  the quality and texture of the print will vary depending on the paper you choose to use and the type of printer you have. I recommend an Epson or an HP Photo Printer and a matte finish, high quality photo paper.

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