How can I lose weight? I had surgery for cancer four years ago and can’t take estrogen or any soy products. I’ve tried everything.

The ongoing vigilance you are using to keep your body healthy is wonderful! You are truly “doing it all”. The surgical removal of your ovaries and uterus is considered to be a shocking trauma to your body overall.  The consequence of the hormones leaving your body rapidly is called “traumatic menopause.” You may hear the term that Western medicine also uses; “induced menopause”.

The regular unfolding process of menopause calls for the body to deposit fat cells loaded with estrogen in the belly and legs over a period of ten years-generally starting around 40 years of age. The purpose of saving up estrogen is to provide the protection of estrogen to your cardiovascular system and bones as your menstrual period ends and you have no need of the hormones that allow eggs to implant and create a pregnancy.

Perimenopause ( before menopause) can start then. You may occasionally miss menses or have hormonal shifts in mood, skin, appetite and the traditional hot flashes. Given the age you were at the time of surgery, you may well have been on the edge of perimenopause. The fat you currently have stored in the belly is estrogen saturated. This leads me to believe you were headed in that direction-appropriately so.

This extra fat, in everyone, is an estrogen protectant.  After menopause it normally sits in the system and is called on as the body needs it for the creation of soothing substances on the arteries and veins, as well as the skin and bone creation. Other hormones are a part of this process.

I focus on estrogen because this is the substance you have been warned to avoid in soy and other products and supplements. Allopathic medicine believes that estrogen “fuels” breast cancers. The research replication ( replication means “can it be proven over and over” ) shows results that are not statistically consistent. Studies have been small and not proven.  This has seemingly been accepted as “fact” that estrogen creates a circumstance that increases cancer risk. Check out a search on this to reassure yourself “replication studies on estrogen in breast or uterine cancer”.

This is not a suggestion to use hormone replacement or eat soy. Both of those suggestions have other issues. The point is to decrease your fear. Small amounts of organic soy are fine and you can reduce your vigilance and panic with making what feels like life threatening mistakes.

The excess weight you are carrying throughout your body is related to the trauma of cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation causing a depleted immune system. Your ongoing fear of recurrence which is in the collective conscious of our culture is keeping your cortisol, stress level high.  Your weight is filled with fear chemicals.

Reducing and eliminating fear is your major opportunity here. This elimination of fear is one area where you have complete choice and control. Even though it may seem wildly unlikely that you will become fear free-you can reduce and eliminate so many factors that keep the stress high. Google fear reduction or fear management. You will find thousands of strategies.

You may notice I encourage you to research information rather than tell you. Your experiences have led you to be very ( wisely ) cautious with taking anyone’s guidance without checking it out.  You wish you had done this before the surgery and treatments but you were in a panic and felt pressured from all sides.  Anyone would feel this way. Release all self blame, please!

I know that with your ability to focus and stay on a health track, I have no doubt you will pick several options that will bring down the fear chemicals and start creating an immune system boost. Your self-talk is good, so give it time. Join a group of non-judgmental people who share your interests in either exercise or weight reduction. You benefit from supportive people. People like you and always want to help.

Please know, also, that you are Divinely loved and have many guides hovering over you whispering, “Release. You are free”. I suspect the cancer was a karmic event and now you are done. Enjoy your recovery and a long fear free lifetime!


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