“Where is my life going? My kids are leaving home and I’m okay with that, but there are moments and sometimes hours in the day where I feel lost and a little worried. I’m afraid I’ve spent my best years and it’s all over for me. Crazy? I hope so.”

Real People                     Real Questions                                 Real Answers

Most people would say your experience and fears are “normal” for this kind of transition and just “work it out”! What is more helpful and personal to you is the fear of being crazy and lost.  There are multiple past lives where being alone led to very unfortunate circumstances and events.  You have been so busy caring for others, so that these long standing fears never really came to the surface to be addressed.

Interestingly, one of your main Soul goals in this life had nothing to do with children, parenting or even nurturing others.  Those choices were actually rather small side trips you took to keep you balanced in your later years as you really started to dig into your goals,your skills and the incredible path you planned for yourself!

Fasten your seatbelt because you are going to take off like a rocket in the next six months of 2018.  By September of 2018, you will have wrung out the residual transitional emotional “stuff” that was never yours.  Your fears are strong reflections of some of your children.  As you become more sure that they are settling well, you will shake off the stoppage behavior and move into a sense of your wings opening ( literally ) on your back.  Less daily habitual distractions are opening you to stop and look directly at what surrounds you.  Start by moving the furniture around in your home.  It’s a big reflection of how the house was “set up” for the kid’s nest.  Find several spots in your home that are just yours.  Colors need to change.  Get more metallic and blues shades of green and purple around you.  There is so many things that you are gifted in creating the next task is setting your clock on your phone to tell you when to start and stop activities.  You get entranced in one area and forget the “other things” you wanted to do until the end of the day-like exercise and meditating with music.  The meditation will clear the past life hang overs easily.  These are daily must haves for you.  The rest will fall easily into your physical reality as you ground yourself in a preset path of loving your life.

Allow the fear of being too happy to vaporize and claim the gift and experiences your Soul has planned.  One of my favorite statements to the Universe is; “I refuse to have this dream without receiving and experiencing the gifts it came to bring to me.”  Find a  mentor who understands lifetimes and Soul work if you still feel shaky.  We all need help in transitions. It’s the human condition.  Happy Travels!

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