The Road Less Traveled to Healing Insight Mary Lee Boesewetter OTR/L, RM

The first factor that influenced me toward healing, was my father’s death. I started to question; ”Was there life after death?” As a consequence of this question, I opened up to books, exploring classes and attending the Unity Spiritual Center in Westlake, Ohio. Rev Bob Wallet of Westlake gave wonderful meditations, and when he retired, I opened up to giving meditations to myself as I had experienced them.

I decided to do today what mattered most. At the time it was losing weight, so I started to deal with the issues around that. Then on the tennis court, I fell on my tail bone and left arm which led to a Chronic Pain Syndrome known as Fibromyalgia. And then, I was pronounced with Degenerative Joint Disease and given pills. I did not get better. I had been hit by the cosmic two by four! Remembering my grandmother at 70 in the same chair in which I was sitting and recalling her pain, I decided not to accept these diagnoses and look for alternatives.

I devoured Louise Hay’s book, “ You Can Heal Your Life.” And Shakti Gawain “ Living In The Light.” I Joined meditation groups. I worked on my healing for two years- a full-time job, while mothering two children and being a wife. I found that what I had learned throughout the years didn’t work! Recognizing that, I decided to do whatever came to me through intuition and direction in my meditation.

I kept working. I took yoga. In 1986, I took a Numerology class and had a reading by Buz Meyers that said I’d be hands-on healer. I wondered how that would happen. In ’87 I took Silva Mind Development and began meditating more seriously. At the same time, I quit smoking. In ’88 Louise Hay offered a workshop for professional’s. As a licensed Occupational Therapist, I attended, and my awareness opened up-more healing was needed.

I came home from the workshop and joined 12 step groups to get a great foundation. Having read an “A Course In Miracles “ in ’86, I was aware of the healing opportunities 12 step offered with many types of people and circumstances. When asking God, “Why am I here?” I received “To help others.” So I surrendered, became teachable, learned, healed, and then started to help others through what I had healed in myself.

I learned to follow and trust my intuition, the small voice inside, and to love and nurture myself. I went back to work and began to take healing classes and alternative therapy courses while being directed by my intuition along the way. In one healing class of Myofascial PainRelease, I heard “take Reiki it is time.” I did, and it was.

I learned Craniosacral Therapy and during the workshop found the probable answer to my earlier fall on the tennis court. I was on the demonstration table and received an adjustment for a lateral strain of the Sphenoid bone behind the eyes, the capstone –the bone that touches every other bone in the head. The symptoms were righted that day ( some since childhood ); pain syndrome, personality disorders, endocrine disorders, learning disabilities, eye/motor coordination problems and reading problems!

Hand weaving was a big part of my healing. I enjoyed it in college as one of the courses for adaptive crafts. When relaxing one August, I decided to join a weaving guild and learn. It helped me to learn to tune into my intuitive feminine side and be creative -listen, follow instructions, let go of the result, and go with the flow.

I began teaching classes at Unity on, Reiki healing, and “Nurturing You,” encompassing all the tools from different classes and books that helped me heal. I also facilitated book study groups on many authors. When 9/11 happened, I was teaching a class that day and feeling I was right where I was supposed to be.

I started a healing business, Healing Insight, Inc. I am facilitate self-healing using Reiki, cranial sacral Therapy, Myofascial Pain Release incorporating the teaching from my classes into my treatments. In the clinic, as an Occupational Therapist, and in my business, I use all my skills wherever appropriate. They are synchronized. I find a need I fill it. It’s part of prosperity consciousness. If I see it -it is mind to fill. I receive what I need also.I’ve been told, “The healing will never be done, there is always a place to grow. Slow down and enjoy the ride.”

I inspire people to be the best they can be and pass on my truth of healing as part of health and wellness. I support and encourage growth and change in facilitating self-healing. As an Occupational Therapist, and a Cranial Sacral Therapist who has been through self-healing, I have tools at my disposal that facilitate others in their healing. This is my piece of the puzzle, helping one person at a time to go within to facilitate their greatness.

Healing happens in many ways. I see a lot of healing going on in Cleveland in every sector. Usually, healing starts by looking – like a mess- all hell breaking loose. That is the first step. You have to be aware of what is going on, take responsibility for it, open up to new possibilities to affect change. One needs to be kind to oneself. We don’t berate a child who is learning to walk when they fall; we encourage them to try it again. This is the support we need to give our selves and others during these changing times to find creative solutions. It seems to me that things happen for us to grow through and to have more experiences which in turn help others.

I show up, listen, follow directions, and it all works out perfectly, in divine right order. Peace begins with me. If everyone worked on being the best they can be, connecting to the universal healing source for their inspiration, finding their piece of the puzzle and doing it, all would be right with our world. The time is right. Heaven is within when we are at peace. In healing ourselves, we heal those around us, our families, city, state, country, world, and universe. Westlake, Ohio  44145    440-808-9209


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