Why don’t people like me?

Real People  Real Questions   Real Answers 

lonely-428380_1280.jpgYour need to be right is overwhelming sometimes. It seems that you are willing to sacrifice your relationships for the last word. Underneath that you are very insecure about your own ability to be a good friend and relate well to others. You wonder if people are ever “real” since you know that you, yourself, are rarely telling people the truth about what is going on in your head. The difficulty here is that the very thing you want with other you are unwilling to give to them-trust and affection.  You withhold affection when you are afraid that you might be “seen” too clearly. You withhold when you are comfortable for fear something may “slip out”.


What’s all the fear about? Your in utero experience within your Mother’s womb was severely traumatic from month’s one through seven. She was unsure if she would keep the pregnancy and even went to a clinic for a consult.  You retreated into a space of longing that never really went away underneath. You did well the first nine years as your Mother devoted herself to your life and happiness. Now that you are older, she finds your needs to be too similar to where she herself is stuck and unhappy.  This is creating the same sense of potential loss of life for you.

It’s time to separate with love.  Share what you can with your Mother as often as you can. The remainder of your life will be rebuilding the connection to the planet that you felt so strongly threatened during your formative fetal months.

You are a strong soul. You are gifted in many areas including music, mathematics and intuition for animals.  Build on these for the connection you crave.  Give unconditionally: time, money, energy, smiles, encouragement.  No one will be harmed and you will begin to feel the give and take that the Universe provides to cheerful givers. Anchor yourself in the habits of someone who is truly loved and then you will start to feel what is being given in abundance all around you.  For you are welcome on this planet and needed for what you alone can give to the world.  Prayers and protection surround you.

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